Cgi Daleks and More

Paper Dalek Supreme; The Stolen Earth

In celebration of the daleks returning in the series finale of Doctor Who (series 4), I have designed a simple paper model for you to build based on this lovely new dalek design!

Here is a badly edited picture to make it look like it is in a quarry, but I rather like my shadow work!

Anyway, enjoy this model!

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Classic Dalek Models; Mk1-Mk3

This is a set of three models. You can make any Dalek from the 60's television with this PDF.

You have to select which pages to print for it to work. Just printing all of them wont mean you can make three daleks.
Just select which pages match up for the type you wish to make.

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Mechanoid Model

With this printout, you can make the Dalek's enemy from the chase:

The Mechanoids!

Basically spherical, this model might take a while to build.
It took me ages!

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